Friday, April 20, 2018

HMD GLOBAL engages digital influencers and bloggers in Ghana

HMD Global, makers of Nokia Smartphones on Android OS have engaged a cross section of the blogging community in Ghana through a blogger hangout session. The engagement, which is the first of several blogger engagements anticipated for the year 2018 by HMD Global had about 15 bloggers in attendance.
It was really good to bring these bloggers together since some of them hadn't met each other. Nokia - Connecting People!

All the bloggers who were present at the event - including Ato Ulzen-Appiah (#mightyafrican) were given brand new Nokia 8 to boost their tech related news platforms as well as enhance the news content on their platforms using the bothie feature which allows tech consumers to take two angled videos simultaneously because it activates both the front and rear cameras to capture photos and videos.
Various millenials and other digital natives have seen the Bothie ads on TV and YouTube. Nokia has married old iconic technology and future trends in this feature.

The Nokia 8 is Nokia’s most powerful Android smartphone built to maximize performance with a distinctive design engineered to deliver exceptionally long battery life and stays cool. The exclusive Dual-Sight mode allows consumers use both front and back cameras simultaneously for split-screen photos and video with built-in streaming straight to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. The company used the opportunity to share its strong commitment to producing premium but affordable smartphones for the Ghanaian populace.
These would make the millions of people who have used older Nokia phones nostalgic while making others bump to their heads to such great intentions.

Last year HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones relaunched Nokia phones on Android operating systems. From affordable entry-level handsets to powerhouse top-end smartphones, each phone is suited to a different sort of user, with dual-sim versions too. The company has kept what many people loved about the brand – high quality externals, nicely optimized hardware, and plenty of care and attention put into the audiovisual and camera experiences with the jewel in the crown being the Android software.

Nokia solds millions and millions of phones. Android is the most ubiquitous operating system for phones. #NokiaLovesAndroid is super duper news for phone users and lovers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How I manage social media & tech tools, work, etc while increasing productivity

I've been a lazy blogger but I hope to change that in 2018. Posting on Twitter took over blogging for me and then Whatsapp took over from Twitter. People ask me how come I have a lot of time for social media. The simple answer is: Social media and social communication are very powerful tools that have really helped me, so I continue to use them while finding ways to make them bring more value to me and things I work on. But let's get into this particular blog post. :-)

A GhanaThink member, ⁨Mohammed M Jaward of the Barcamp Tamale (#Bctamale) team asked me a few questions sometime last year. These are questions I have been asked a lot. I want to share the answers here. I hope you might learn one or two things from this.

Q1. What courses did you take on social media?
Editor's note: Maybe this question comes from our certificate issues in Ghana? :-) You can take courses on social media, but I like learning by doing more.

A1. #MightyAfrican: I didn't take any courses. I just used the social media platforms, looked at how others who know better use them, learnt from things others do, and read a few articles about social media. Basically, if I want to do something and I don't know how, I google or I ask someone.

Q2. What blogs do you read? 
Editor's note: It's important to read, especially as a younger person.

A2. #MightyAfrican: I used to read a number of blogs - mostly African related- before but not really anymore. Because I hardly blog myself now. 😃 I subscribe to Medium and read what they send me. I also subscribe to Quartz, TechCrunch, AfricaPractice, TechNovaGH, Ventures Africa, & Pulse (Ghana + Insider). There's a lot of content out there. It's key to find relevant content and even better to have the content delivered to you.

Q3. What applications are you using to do all that? 
Editor's note: Apps were built for a reason. You should start using more apps.  

A3. #MightyAfrican: I use Twitter, Facebook, Pages Manager, Google+ a lot. I have started to use Instagram more. When I figure out how to make SnapChat work for me, I'd join. It's not a priority now. I consider Whatsapp to be social communication, not social media.

It's important to link social media apps. It's great that on my Android phone, I can share content from one platform to another, so easily.

I have never really used Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc though I know many people who use social media for work use them. I think I'm able to use the actual apps quite well so haven't worried much about third party ones.

Q4. How do you manage all the emails? 
Editor's note: Jaward is sure I get a lot of emails because I send a lot of emails too, more than the average Ghanaian, I guess :-)

A4. #MightyAfrican: I hardly get emails I dont want to read. I filter emails into different labels - I have labels for GhanaThink, Barcamp Ghana, Junior Camp Ghana, and still have one for Museke even though it is dormant now.

I filter all notifications, updates from websites into other folders.

If I have to address an issue by email, and it wont take much time, I do it then. I take email that seriously. If it's important, and I cant do it then, I start addressing it and save it as a draft.

I dont keep hundreds of unread emails. I never have more than 30 unread emails after going through my email which I do every weekday at least.

I love GMAIL, especially how the app is improved from time to time. I google GMAIL tips so I can use it better. I love the way how it works with other Google apps, especially Docs, Sheets, Calendar & Maps.

Q5. How do you manage all the whatsapp groups? 
Editor's note: I am in more than 100 Whatsapp groups and I am very active in at least 23 of them. 

A5. #MightyAfrican: Naturally, I have began to use Whatsapp more than Twitter. I don't use Whatsapp on my laptop because when I get on my laptop, I'm focusing on work and don't want Whatsapp notifications every minute. 😃

I don't stay in Whatsapp groups that are not useful to me or would have hundreds of messages that don't matter or are not 'serious'.

Whatsapp is important for networking, content sharing & gathering, discussions, etc. So I use Whatsapp a lot for work, learning, sharing, etc. 

If you set a tone for a Whatsapp group, have rules and implement it, it continues. If you have serious people, you have serious conversations, etc. Once these are in place, you don't need to do as much management, people manage themselves for the most part. There must be discipline
Each Whatsapp group I am in is useful to me. I still haven't figured out how to mute groups on my Android phone. Lol.

Q6. How do you manage your time to do all that?
Editor's note: Lots of people ask me how I manage my time because it seems I do so much 

A6. #MightyAfrican: I make technology work for me so I cut time and cost. I'd rather email, whatsapp or use social media than make a phone call. I'd rather email a letter or document than print, and go submit it. If people would require to do something that is bureaucratic, I take them less seriously.

Currently, I work in the youth & tech spaces. If I have to work on something, and I can't make it relevant to those spaces, I don't or don't apply myself to them. This ensures that when I am online or using tech tools, I can get almost every kind of work done. I don't work on many offline things, I have been cutting them out.

If you do something long enough, you become familiar with it, you work smarter and faster and you become more competent. It saves a lot of time. Try it. 😃

If you're going to be stuck on a task, don't be stuck on it. Professionalism & competence rewards for time as much as it rewards for quality. I seek help if I need it so that I get things done faster. If something hasn't been done yet in a team project, it should not be waiting on me, it should be the responsibility of someone else. 

And when people tell I'm so busy, I say I sleep more than 6 hours almost every night. And I still have time to indulge in sports, scrabble and sudoku.

These are based on my #mightyafrican experiences but I'm sure people can learn from it.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

GhanaThink Foundation's Ghana Volunteer Program is 4 years old!

We started the National Volunteer Day on September 21, 2013 and it has grown leaps and bounds, fueling the GhanaThink Foundation's Ghana Volunteer Program.

Read our press release on our 4th anniversary below!

International Volunteer Day (IVD) on December 5 is an international observance designated by the United Nations since 1985. It offers an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make visible their contributions - at local, national and international levels - to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). December 5th, 2017 marks four years since the inception of the Ghana Volunteer Program. This was created by the GhanaThink Foundation after the successful first edition of the first National Volunteer Day (NVDay) 21st September, 2013. The NVDay Initiative was to get as many people as possible in Ghana to volunteer their time or do community service on and around the Founder’s Day Holiday (September 21).

Volunteerism is not very popular and part of our society’s fabric. National Volunteer Day aimed at its inception to increase these numbers and unify efforts in volunteerism in Ghana. The Ghana Volunteer Program has rolled out and partnered several volunteer activities with the aim of ensuring the spirit of volunteerism is cultivated amongst most Ghanaians especially the youth. Gerald Sowah, the GVP Resources lead shared more on the importance of the NVDay initiative in Ghana by adding that “volunteerism encourages active citizenship. Through initiatives, such as our National Volunteer Day, we have seen many millennials debunk the apathetic citizen tag by actively participating in, and contributing towards national development.

The NVDay team with the help of various GhanaThink members approached many organizations who have volunteer events and encourage them to organize something on September 21st every year. Some of partner organizations like Utopia’s Wishlist were very interested and planned activities. On September 21 2013, about 40 activities with about 300 volunteers happened. There was a lot of online and offline engagement and publicity for these activities. Reactions and feedback were captured via Storify.
The focus of the programme at present is to acquire volunteers for volunteer opportunities around Ghana. GVP also helps volunteer activity organizers find volunteers. This program seeks to encourage volunteerism in Ghana, and to market and make attractive volunteer activities. So far GVP has sourced for volunteers for many events held by various organisations including: Dain Agribusiness Workshop, Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Lifebuoy Global Handwashing day, Kofi Gyamfi Memorial Screening (AMEND Ghana), NshoreNa cleanups, Environment360 School Recycle programs, INTED Teacher trainings and many more.
This year’s National Volunteer Day (#NVDay17), which was the fourth of its kind, took place from the 16th - 30th September 2017. Volunteers and organizations alike spent the holiday weekend giving back to their communities with over 60 registered activities in all 10 regions of the country. Some organisations that held activities were PsychAid and Love, PiloloGH, Patriots Ghana, Divine Mother and Child Foundation, The CSR Hub, Life-MAC Network Foundation, Several Rotaract Clubs, Youth African Leaders Network, Dreamz Foundation, Women in Engineering UMAT, Young at Heart Ghana and some GhanaThink Barcamps across the country. There was also a lot of online and offline engagement with the #NVDay17 which was captured via Storify

On the occasion of 2017’s International Volunteer Day, the GVP team engages the media all over Ghana discussing the work done so far under the program and what the future plans are for our nation. Through these engagements, we will encourage more people to do community service within Ghana.

Volunteering demonstrates initiative and hard work, two ideals that many organizations look for while hiring. Adelina Martey, The GVP Team and Administrative lead shared that “Not only does volunteering give you invaluable experience that employers are always eager for but it also shows that you are concerned with the social issues that surround you. Volunteering is thus more than just an activity. It is making social impact both in a community and within yourself by improving your own skills and self development. When you volunteer, you learn. And the more you learn, the greater the impact you make and your attractiveness in the job market”. The GVP team and all of GhanaThink believes that by volunteering, volunteers would be building their CVs, experience and overall life goals and vision.

We envisage that Ghana will be developed through volunteerism, that is why we say at Ghana Volunteer Program that VOLUNTEERISM IS THE HEART OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

Monday, March 6, 2017

#Ghana60YearsOn: #MightyAfrican stories, thoughts and hopes

We called it the GhanaThink Foundation because we thought (and would continue to think) about Ghana. It's been more than 12 years since GhanaThink was born. It's also been a while since I did a blog post, or even wrote a piece for this #mightyafrican blog. Today is a great day to break that duck. Ghana is 60 years old! We are celebrating, marking, reminiscing, criticizing, strategizing, thinking and doing. 

To be frank, I am not as excited about Ghana, mostly because of our growth pace, development we can fell in around us and in our pockets and the politics and antics I've seen that are hurting Ghana and don't seem to be abating. However, I have always been excited about Ghana. More than 10 years ago, I decided to stop bothering and focusing on the negatives, and championing, celebrating and cultivating the positives. It's what drives me as we work on the +GhanaThink Foundation and its programs like +Barcamp Ghana +Junior Camp Ghana +Ghana Volunteer Program, etc. Read more via Barcamp Ghana | Junior Camp Ghana | Ghana Volunteer Program (GVP).

I contributed to a Ghana @ 60 book that is culled by +Gamel Sankarl, an author amongst his many occupations. He once mentored at +Barcamp Kumasi as well. I would share a link to buy, download or get the book in soft and hard copies later, when I have it :-) For now, I want to share some of what I published in the book. Enjoy the read and leave some comments or get in touch with through social media and social communication. 

Ever since I left high school, I have been very passionate about meeting people, making friends and networking. When I was in university in the US, I used to travel far and wide to connect with like-minded people, especially those of the same cultural neighbourhood as me. I would attend several African themed events in the US (especially involving African students). To this day, networking is a joy and something I cherish. I have also seen its benefits first hand and over time, so I am more motivated to do more of the same.

One of the best things about Ghana’s current state is the closeness we enjoy. Thanks to our high school system and family (cultural) traditions, Ghanaians have close ties amongst each other. Today, our youth are extremely connected. There are small degrees of separation between various Ghanaians. For young entrepreneurs today, the network amongst us is really strong, where it’s easy to get connected to each other. We have a state of a big family, which is accessible, increasingly responsible, albeit a bit entitled. We have available natural resources that we are not turning into value. We have a lot of available human resources that need to become more valuable human capital and competent.

I want to see a Ghana that is clean, driven by consensus and has developed communities and ecosystem able to support its constituents. This is the Ghanaian dream I envision. I want to see a Ghana where Ghanaians feel they don’t need to travel elsewhere to achieve their biggest dreams. I want to see a Ghana that is unique in its culture, marrying timeless tradition and terrific technology. We must remain uniquely Ghanaian, with our positive cultural and communal traits. We must give way to best practices that ensure equity in wealth, resources and opportunities.

Technology is the biggest change in these last 60 Ghanaian years. Though we could have embraced tech more, especially in implementation, it has reinforced our connections. It has become a leveller, allowing people to shine. We are in the fourth industrial revolution that puts so much power in our hands and capabilities. Technology is a great way to level the playing field for everyone. We must embrace the tools, training and technology available to us now and build some to meet our needs and chart the future.

60 years on, Ghana is well into its life. A couple of generations in, we must repeat best practices and repeal bad habits. We must build a Ghana we can be proud of living in, now. More vim to Ghana’s youth as we take on more responsibility professionally, socially and traditionally. We must become changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs. We must lead today!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A hilarious political play in Ghana? #ICantThinkFar

My friend and Presec yearmate +Latif Abubakar has become one of the best playwrights in Ghana. We didn't have to do #DivorceOrSuicide after seeing #WhatCanComeCanCome so we went ahead to #ThankGodForIdiots anyway. And then we eventually had to go see #MallamsAndPastors because in this Ghana, its the thing to do.

If you didn't realise, these hashtags are all plays that Latif has directed and his Globe Productions has produced. There's also Gallery of Comedies. But you've deciphered this by now, Latif stages really hilarious plays - comedies. He's back with another play - #ICantThinkFar. If you said "#ICantThinkMadness" after you're in tune with the times and trends in Ghana. So surely, you can imagine that this new I Can't Think Far play would be timely, trendy, terrific, teary-eyed-funny and tantatlizing.

The best part for me about the play is that there is a tour and it would be showing in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi and Ho. Wanna get free tickets? You might want to pay attention to +Barcamp Accra +Barcamp Kumasi +Barcamp Tamale +Barcamp Takoradi and +Barcamp Ho on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the details for #ICantThinkFar for you to see this play. 

The play features Ekow Smith-Asante, Bright Kekeli, Adjetey Anang. 
Accra | November 5 | Accra International Conference Centre |₵60 | 4 & 8pm shows. 
Kumasi | November 12 | Golden Tulip Hotel | ₵50 | 5 & 8pm shows.
Tamale | November 20 | Radach Hotel | ₵50 | 5 & 8pm shows.
Takoradi | November 26 | AkromaPlaza | ₵50 | 5 & 8pm shows.
Ho | December 2 |Ho Technical Univeristy (HoPoly) auditorium | ₵50 | 5 & 8pm shows.

You can read the press release about the play so you get the synopsis, or better still, the jist.

LatifAbubakar is at it again with a hilarious political play dubbed I Can’t Think Far. It is his 1Oth play and his dedicated it to the promotion of nonviolence in our society. An agenda one cannot over emphasize during this political season, hence the writing and producing of a play with a theme on Anger Management.

The objective is to help curb violence by equipping people with the skills needed to control their anger and that of others. This play will be staged in at least five cities (Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, Ho) across the country. Also election reporters and people within the election hot spot communities as identify by the police will be given opportunity to benefit from this innovative skills training. 

I Can’t Think Far tells the story of a politician who is blind to the consequences of his bad temper. A few days to the long awaited nationwide presidential debate, he realizes how things are getting out of hand. He successfully seeks help from Reverend; an anger therapist. How far can they go?

Watch Adjetey Annan and Ecow Smith-Asante live in all the regions named above starting from the 6th of November in Accra at the AICC, 12th , 20th, 26th, and 2nd in Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi and Ho respectively . Further details of the play can be found on Facebook page “Latif Abubakar”.

I Can’t Think Far” is brought to you by Globe Productions in partnership with Graphic Showbiz. Sponsored by Star Ghana, Carnival Strawberry, Yomi Yoghurt and Unibank
Media partner 3FM, Citi FM Online, TV3, GH One and Graphic Communication Group. For ticket delivery call 0275027000. Globe Production: Experience the best!

It's #WuzuTime! The Uncompromising Passion book launch is here!

I've blogged about my longtime Eyram Akofa Tawia several times. You can read some of the blogs here. Living An African Success Story. Leti Games - building computer games in Africa. Leti Games named amongst Ghana's Innovation Heroes. Leti Games unveils iWarrior (iPhone App) & Kijiji (J2Me). I helped inspire +Eyram Tawia to write a book! Yes, a whole book! It has been published and it is being launched on Friday. Yes, this Friday. One of these blog posts is in the book. So you have to get the book :-)

You'd hear Eyram and the +Mighty African himself on the +Citi97.3FM Business Edition with +Benkoku Avle tomorrow on the Citi Breakfast Show. You can't miss the book launch at +Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology on Friday @ 6pm. Eyram has touched many people, at +Barcamp Ghana like Barcamp Ho and +Junior Camp Ghana events like Junior Camp Ketasco!

You can order the book via this link on Amazon. I wrote this press release to announce the book launch, etc. It's like another blog post :-)

Uncompromising Passion - The Humble Beginnings of An African Video Game Industry is a book that tells the story of a young man who chose to pursue his dreams with unwavering focus. This young man is Eyram Akofa Tawia, the CEO of Leti Arts and one of the most accomplished, celebrated young entrepreneurs in Africa. This book tracks Eyram's journey from Buroburo Road on the KNUST Campus to the present day, putting Ghana on the world map of video game development through the amazing creative work being churned out at his company, Leti Arts. The book will be launched on November 4, 2016 at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. It will bring together important players in the Ghanaian startup ecosystem, distinguished guests and important role models and supporters of Eyram’s entrepreneurial journey.

Uncompromising Passion  - The Humble Beginnings of An African Video Game Industry is a great example of documenting an African success story in a way that will educate, inspire and even entertain readers. Co-authored by Samson Ojo, it chronicles Eyram’s journey but also sheds a lot of light on the support (from friends, family, acquaintances) to grow a company and more. The book talks about the entrepreneur ecosystem and the education system engendering it, which will make great reading and provide great insight to interested parties.

In the book’s foreword, Ato Ulzen-Appiah, a longtime friend of Eyram, wrote: “Journeying through this book, aptly captured by Samson Ojo, is like experiencing a comic from Leti Arts .The book has the jovial DNA of Eyram, it can be likened to an entertaining and educative road trip from Accra to Ho and back”. Eyram talked about his inspiration and motivation in the book’s introduction, “I believe Africa needs to accept new directions to grow; and Gaming is one of the major directions we can take. I am inviting you to share in my journey so far. The highs and the lows, the laughter and the tears; the unfolding story”.

The book launch would be chaired by Mrs Jane Kwawu. Jane is an independent international consultant and a gender activist with a great reputation in the UN. As a relative of Eyram, she would shed light on the family support that shapes such an awesome success story. The event would be emceed by Winston Amoah of 3fm Sunrise.  In attendance would be a number of distinguished guests such as the Netherlands Ambassador H.E Mr. Ron Strikker, Bright Simons (mPedigree), executives from Telcos amongst others. Some important people who have been part of Eyram’s community growing up would be present, including Prof Kwesi Adarkwa, Dr Rudith King and Prof Mrs Victoria Dzogbefia.
The event on November 4, 2016 would be a celebration of African ingenuity and innovation. The dress code is appropriately African in addition to white. The event at MEST would start with arrivals at 6pm and it would run for 3 hours. Hors d'oeuvres will be provided. Eyram Akofa Tawia will present some excerpts from the book and lead a slide show presentation talking about the Leti Arts journey and the African Video Gaming industry. After a Q&A session, some invited speakers would give short speeches.

This  book launch is also a fundraising event. 1000 copies of the book would be distributed to educational institutions in Ghana for reading, motivation and inspiration. The book was also launched briefly at +Barcamp Ho 2016 on October 29 in Ho since the Volta region is dear to Eyram.  

For more information on the book launch, contact Abena Addai Boakye on 0245900458 or Bernard Kelvin Clive on 0244961121.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A trip around Ghana with Aero Shutter

I love traveling around Ghana. I think I have been to more places than the AeroShutter drones have been. Arguably. I think I might get a drone one of these days. The AeroShutter drone have been around paa!
See these lovely images they've captured.

Skintight video

Mole National Park

Sofo line Interchange

Zaina Lodge bird's eye view

New government hospital video

New Protea Hotel in Takoradi

Chalewote2015 in Jamestown


2015 Tidal Rave

DC 10

Rattray Park in Kumasi

Night in Kumasi






Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Interchange


Stone Lodge

Adomi Bridge

Tema Harbour

Takoradi Market Circle



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